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    • Performance
      Discuss and learn and share about performance in relation to OpenJDK, whether in Java, Kotlin, or beyond!
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    • Azul Platform Prime
      Azul Platform Prime is a modern, TCK-compliant Java platform based on OpenJDK, providing low, consistent response latency of your Java workloads, higher total throughput and carrying capacity, faster warm-up, infrastructure savings, achieved thanks to the C4 pauseless garbage collector, Falcon JIT compiler and other technologies created by Azul.
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    • 4 months ago

      Jiří Holuša

    • Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (CRaC)
      Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (CRaC) is a JDK project that can start projects with a shorter time to the first transaction and less time and resources to achieve full code speed. CRaC effectively takes a snapshot of the Java process when it is fully warmed up, then uses that snapshot to launch any number of JVMs from this captured state.
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    • 1 week, 2 days ago

      Radim Vansa